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Grey weather and at times gaudy architecture may not send your imagination racing, but a vibrant history, jaw-dropping landmarks, and a passionate sense of place seduces the senses all the same.

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Known for its aesthetic perfection, the likes of which are usually only found on movie sets, Zürich also harbours an unexpected dual personality.

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Lisbon’s beauty celebrates her contrasting virtues; narrow streets and grand architecture neighbour graffiti-ed streets and the sounds of Fado performers.

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Ibiza & Formentera

Sexy debauchery to the beat of the world’s most famous DJ’s is but one of the many facets of Ibiza. In sharp contrast, Formentera, her shy Balearic sister, is radiant in her serene natural essence.

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Though breathtakingly beautiful, selfie-friendly Stockholm offers much more than meets the eye. This Scandia classic pays homage to its storied history and celebrates its über-contemporary present.

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As the iconic grande dame of romance, Paris is a spellbinding metropolis for all things chic; the enchanting city of lights is a savvy seductress intent on stealing hearts.

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From distinctive architecture, world-class cuisine to a diverse culture playground with museums and live performances, the Queen of Catalonia delivers a bountiful adventure.

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Spain’s vibrant capital is eternally generous with her offerings; from first-rate museums to culinary excellence and legendary nightlife that never quits, Madrid is all that and a bag of patatas.

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Mr Hudson on the best places for brunch in Barcelona

Until recently, brunch wasn’t an activity generally associated with the Catalan capital. But in a culture that reveres long, lingering meals, one has to wonder why it has taken this long to catch on.

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Mr Hudson on the best cocktail bars in Barcelona

In Barcelona, classic cocktails have long replaced wine and beer as the drink of choice for many a night-time revelry. But for those in the know, the latest wave of cocktail venues serving master-mix craft swigs in retro-fab settings is all that and a side of olives.

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Mr Hudson on the best concept stores in Barcelona

In Barcelona, concept stores pay homage to all things design, not only as an aesthetic but as a cultured way of life.

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Mr Hudson on the best specialty coffee shops in Madrid

There is a growing crop of specialty coffee shops in Madrid, stocked with artisan beans from the world’s best producers and served in retro design spaces all across town.

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Mr Hudson on the best concept stores in Madrid

In Madrid concept stores are found in droves, in all themes and sizes, perfect for the stylish gent looking for that rare objet d’art or inventive image metamorphosis.

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Mr Hudson on 5 top wineries in Europe’s most unexpected wine regions

Lesser-known wine regions in Europe have been experimenting with new harvesting techniques, patiently waiting in the wings for their shot at glory.

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Mr Hudson on 10 of the most striking hotel bars in Europe

Once considered little more than practical pit stops following afternoon shopping sprees and night-time misadventures, style-savvy hotel bars have since re-emerged as the places to be seen and linger.

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Mr Hudson on 10 romantic mini-breaks from European capitals

Just can’t seem to find the time to go away? Fear not, urban city folk, here are a few close-to-home mini-break suggestions that will give you well-deserved respite from the rat race.

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Mr Hudson on essential long haul travel accessories

Unless you have a private jet ready to fly at a moment’s notice, setbacks are bound to arise during your trip. While delays are often par for the course, there are nifty ways to make the most of it.

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Mr Hudson on the wonderful world of hidden urban gardens

The ethereal Audrey Hepburn once said, “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” Here is a small sampling of enchanting gardens found in the most unexpected urban spaces.

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