Mr Hudson on the best specialty coffee shops in Copenhagen

Mr Hudson on the best specialty coffee shops in Copenhagen

Nana Hagel

Although practically every corner in Copenhagen is home to a coffee shop, finding a cup of quality blend isn’t necessarily the easiest thing in the world. Sure, there are many cosy cafes serving decent coffee, but if you’re a true aficionado, you’ll have to know where to go. We’ve done the legwork and present you with five of the most exquisite coffee shops in Copenhagen to get your caffeine fix.

The Coffee Collective

The guys behind Copenhagen darling The Coffee Collective are world-renowned for their quality blends as well as their mindful approach to unfolding a coffee experience. Working with a direct trade model, they have cut out intermediaries and deal directly with the farmers. The result is a clear conscience and a delicious cup of coffee, which can be enjoyed at any of their three outlets around town. The combined roastery and coffee shop at Godthåbsvej, Frederiksberg, is spacious and beautifully decorated. This flagship cafe also offers a menu featuring tasty breakfast, snacks and pastries. Naturally, each item on the list is carefully paired with a cup of coffee.

Copenhagen Coffee Lab

On a cobblestoned street in the old city centre, you will find a small coffee shopt that doesn’t draw much attention from the outside. But don’t be fooled, Copenhagen Coffee Lab is one of the best coffee shops in Copenhagen. This independent shop also boasts a micro-roastery, and the two owners Christian and Peter are more than happy sharing their wisdom of the black gold and letting you taste their blends. Copenhagen Coffee Lab counts Rene Redzepi as one of their regulars, so you might run into the renowned Danish chef in the small café.

Central Hotel & Café

Quite regularly, you will see visitors from all over the world snapping photos of Central Hotel & Café. Not only because of the charming façade, but also because this is the world’s smallest hotel with only one room. If you weren’t lucky enough to book that one room, you can still enjoy a cup of coffee in the tiny downstairs café. If the weather allows, order it through the to-go window and enjoy it at one of the tables right outside the hotel.


The newly opened Mirabelle, located on Nørrebro, is definitely one of the best-designed coffee shops in Copenhagen with its tiled floors, marble table tops and bright interior. Mirabelle is a bakery adjacent to restaurant Bæst, and in addition to breakfast, baked goods and homemade pizza, Mirabelle serves a great cup of coffee made from Coffee Collective beans.


The inner city hot spot Kompa9 is a one of the most charming coffee shops in Copenhagen with a lively atmosphere, perfect rye bread sandwiches and a fabulous cup of coffee. The beans are organic, and the menu offers anything from flat whites to filter coffee. Here, friends meet each other for a bite during their lunch break, an afternoon pick-me-up, or a breakfast ensemble consisting of a soft-boiled egg, rye bread with ham and cheese, and yoghurt with granola and fruit. Definitely a must-try!

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