Mr Hudson on essential long haul travel accessories

Mr Hudson on essential long haul travel accessories

Jessica Benavides Canepa

Travel is more accessible than ever before. And for those with discerning tastes, destination options are virtually limitless. But unless you have a private jet fuelled and ready to fly at a moment’s notice, setbacks are bound to arise sometime during your international commercial airline trips. While delays and other patience testers are often par for the course, there are all sorts of nifty ways to make the most of it.

The travel bag

For dapper gentlemen, the key to always looking your best is in the details. But frequent travel presents all sorts of unpredictable challenges, making this endeavour more difficult than one would wish. Fortunately, a quality travel bag can, at the very least, accommodate your grooming odds and ends in one distinctive package. There are loads of styles on the market along with just as many bells and whistles, but for the fashion-conscious traveller, a classic bag made of beautifully-stitched, quality materials never fail to impress. Splurge on Tumi’s Astor Cooper Bag, a roomy, ultra-luxe textured canvas and leather-trimmed stunner designed to go the distance in impeccable style.

Comfort gear

For long, intercontinental flights, most reputable airlines provide a good mix of comfort essentials ranging from blankets and booties to sleep masks and extra pillows. Kudos to them for the effort, but try as they might, nothing beats the treasured creature comforts of home. Granted, your comfy oversized robe and slippers might be a tad tricky to unpack on-board. Luckily, there are compact alternatives on offer guaranteed to keep you cosy and warm. For the ultimate indulgence, invest in a luxurious Loro Piana baby cashmere travel set that includes a blanket, neck pillow, eye mask and slippers, each packed in matching travel sachets.

Travel apps

With every passing year, the growing global travel market demands new ways to keep travellers entertained, informed and organized. With as many options as there are individual needs, it’s impossible to have just one or two apps to suit all situations. Fortunately, low pricing and frequent updates mean you don’t have to choose. Handy apps to try include LoungeBuddy; designed to make layovers bearable by offering up-to-the-minute updates on the coolest airport lounge amenities around the globe. Effortlessly find your way around a new city with CityMapper’s easy-to-follow itineraries or eat like a well-informed local with Foodspotting, an excellent companion for foodies seeking the best dining options in town.

Tech connection

The wide range of high-tech gadgets available means that even the most infrequent travellers can stay connected to the world at large. For better or for worse, this digital connection has become an important part of our day to day. But what happens when your digital days are interrupted by long-haul travel with heart-racing sprints to your next flight connection? Should you sit around twiddling your thumbs after squeezing the last blast of power from your beloved gadgets? Hardly. Instead of resigning yourself to boredom, pack a powerful battery charger. Ingress is an eye-catching wonder that offers two USB outlets and a lifesaving 10-hours of power.

Natural rest aids

The only man that could look perfectly put together after one-too-many plane cocktails is Mad Men’s Don Draper and he is well, fictional. But drinking yourself to a more relaxed state isn’t your only option. Herbal remedies melatonin and valerian are effective natural sleep aids that often do the trick without lingering side effects. For intercontinental travel, try 1Above, a drink made from bark extract proven to reduce the crippling effects of jetlag by 50%. And if all else fails, pop in your headphones and listen to pzizz, a relaxing, sleep-inducing app that doubles as a gentle alarm clock.

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