Hotel Alexandra - exquisite Danish design in Copenhagen

Just around the corner of the City Hall Square, in Copenhagen’s Latin Quarter, you can find the Hotel Alexandra, a magical bubble of exquisite Danish design and calm. Over the past 20 years, Hotel Alexandra has carefully sourced a large collection of world-famous Danish mid-century vintage furniture and decorated its 61 rooms with them to make their guests feel at home and create a memorable experience. Mr Hudson speaks with the team about the history of the hotel, their values and their passion for design.

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Tell us about the history of Hotel Alexandra

Hotel Alexandra is a wonderful and unique destination that falls into a category somewhere between a boutique hotel and design museum. Everywhere you turn, there’s an original piece of mid-century Danish design history – an invaluable collection that Hotel Alexandra has carefully sourced over the last 20 years. For Danish design enthusiast, a visit to Hotel Alexandra feels magical. The concept for the hotel was established by General Manager, Jeppe Mühlhausen and his passion for mid-century Danish design furniture. Over the years, this nurtured appreciation for Danish design heritage evolved into what is now Copenhagen’s only living design “museum” – Hotel Alexandra.

Hotel Alexandra

Photo: Jasper Chou

“We are often described as a living museum for design, the furniture we have in our rooms are for the most part original pieces from the ’50s and ’60s”

What are the values of your establishment?

The hotel focuses a lot on mid-century Danish design, which is the cornerstone of the hotel and why the majority of the guests come and stay at Hotel Alexandra. We believe in traditional, warm, personal and sincere service. We are not a big fancy hotel, with spa facilities and room service. But we are curious to know our guests better, which is why we in the evenings serve a complimentary glass of wine. We believe in a pleasant and unique experience which offers an excellent service, sincere staff and beautiful mid-century surroundings, which do not compromise modern hotel standards.

What makes Hotel Alexandra special? 

I think the theme and design of the hotel are what makes our hotel special. You can find many great boutique hotels around the world, but not many specialise solely in mid-century Danish design, and that is what inspires design enthusiast to come and stay with us. We are often described as a living museum for design, the furniture we have in our rooms are for the most part original pieces from the ’50s and ’60s, pieces which are only found at museums and exhibitions. But here you have a chance to sit in, rest in and sleep in and admire so many Danish midcentury vintage furniture and this is probably the only hotel where you can do so.

“Almost 70% of all Hotel Alexandra´s guests, come solely because of the design and vibe of our hotel”

How important is good design for hotels today? 

Most design hotels redesign their hotels every five years, and many hotels today are going for a more clean and futuristic design. At Hotel Alexandra we are focusing on midcentury Danish design, the so-called “golden era” the Danish men and women who produced some of the finest and timeless furniture back in the ’50s and ’60s. We continuously change the furniture in all of our rooms, so we do not modify the design of the hotel every five years. Instead, we aim to honour this extraordinary time period by sourcing these iconic furniture´s which today defines the hotel and everything Hotel Alexandra stands for.

With that being said, good design is essential for every hotel, the furniture and the ambience of hotels is a crucial factor for a guest when deciding which hotel´s they would like to stay at. Almost 70% of all Hotel Alexandra´s guests, come solely because of the design and vibe of our hotel, this speaks to the importance of good design.

“Jeppe Mühlhausen has had the honour of being surrounded by art and design most of his life, part of the reason why he does what he does now with great passion”

What is the story of the founder?

Jeppe Mühlhausen has been working at Hotel Alexandra for 29 years now, which is most of his adult life. In his childhood, he would spend time with his grandfather, who was head of the exhibitions at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. Danish design classics were also a part of their home growing up. In other words, he has had the honour of being surrounded by art and design most of his life. There is no doubt that this is part of the reason why he does what he does now with great passion.

“20 years ago, we started collecting classic Danish furniture. Our aim was to build a collection representing the foremost Danish designers but also representing different works of each designer. We succeeded in doing this, and today we can offer our guests a large selection of rooms and suites dedicated to the great Danish designers”. Jeppe Mühlhausen, General Manager

What are some of your favourite places in Copenhagen that people to know about? 

There are so many places, all the staff at the hotel has their favourite restaurant, coffee place and a go-to place for shopping. We have created an App “Hotel Alexandra Copenhagen“ This is a 100% staff curated app, with everything you need to do in the city. All members of the staff and many guests have over the years, helped to curate this very precise and yet long list of things you must-visits, see, eat, drink and experience in Copenhagen. But our favourite place of all lies on H.C. Andersens Blvd. 8, which is our lovely Hotel Alexandra.

Copenhagen | Photo: Raoul Croes

Copenhagen | Photo: Raoul Croes

Any recommendations for our readers? 

This is a difficult question. Copenhagen has a lot to offer, and so does our hotel. You do not have to be a huge architectural/design connoisseur to stay with us. But even if you have some knowledge about Danish design, it would be an exciting and fantastic experience to stay at our hotel.

Copenhagen can be freezing, rainy, windy and snowy in winter and the exact opposite with +25 degrees in summer. So a piece of nice advice, if you can’t stand a bit of wind, rainy and low temperatures, would be to avoid the colder months in Copenhagen. But again, Copenhagen has a lot to offer throughout the entire year, despite any weather. So for discerning travellers, it’s a bit difficult to point out any recommendations before a Trip to Copenhagen.

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