Nordoy, Sam&blondi and CUCU - three unique hotel concepts in Tel Aviv

Arguably gayer than San Francisco, with an estimated 25% of the population identifying, Tel Aviv is a city where beliefs and cultures collide, where Jews, Christians and Arabs sit elbow-to-elbow in family-style restaurants to share shakshuka with artists, scientists, atheists and even street cats. Stay in one of these three hotels to enjoy the city like no other. Hotel Nordoy offers guests the chance to revisit Tel Aviv and experience the same views as the hotel’s guests did nearly a century ago. Hotel CUCU, the new kid on the block, the free-spirited artist, and, in the heart of Tel Aviv, walking distance from the most appealing places in the city you will find Sam&Blondi’s Boutique Hotel, designed in eclectic European style. Mr Hudson speaks to the team about the history and values of their hotels.


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What are the values of your establishments? 

As a group of hotels, we have seven core values, we honestly believe in it, that is what makes us so unique – Excellence, Family, Relevance, Authenticity, Knowledge, Concept, Accuracy.


Hotel CUCU

“We try to get our guests into the world of complete and unique content and leave with a memory of an experience they have not yet experienced”

What is the story of the founders?

Our group name is 7MINDS (7 because of our 7 core values) we are a group that has established boutique hotels: Cucu Hotel, Nordoy and Sam & Blondi Hotel.

The group has two young entrepreneurs in the spirit of believing in a different hotel concept. We treat our hotels as a home that welcomes and gives guests a perfect hosting experience. Their property selection and location, employee selection, unique hotel-specific concept, designing, numerous details and carefully selected items for every hotel, for every room, the meticulous and personal service – all these and more stands before our eyes.

We are not compromising, accurate, but personal, trying to get our guests into the world of complete and unique content and leave with a memory of an experience they have not yet experienced.

How important is good design these days as part of the hotel experience?

Very important, in our perspective, the design and hospitality is what makes all the difference.

Nordoy Hotel Tel Aviv

Nordoy Hotel | Photo: Sandra Wattad

“Nordoy’s building is very much photographed and even painted by people who are not hotel guests”

What makes your hotels special?


“The Luxury and the Classic” – the hotel is housed in a 1925 building – and is “the oldest active hotel in Tel Aviv.” –

The exterior of the hotel – it is colour: antique pink, the rooftop dome and the visual power of the building – are very recognizable. Nordoy is considered an icon in the white city – the building is very much photographed and even painted by people who are not hotel guests. As the building is a conservation building, it could not be architecturally altered, and therefore the hotel rooms are very large relative to other hotels in large cities.

On the entrance floor of the hotel is the restaurant Cafe “Nordoy” and Bakery Nordinyo – the guest who arrives at the hotel receives a complete experience. A boutique, pleasant upscale experience but not stressful.

Hotel Nordoy Tel Aviv

Hotel Nordoy

Photo: Dan Gold


Our location but most important our rooms – CUCU rooms are not what you would expect from any other hotel. Yes, they are relaxing. Yes, they are well designed. Yes, they are quiet, comfortable and cosy. But, you know us. They are just a bit more than that. They are, well, creative. Quirky. Unique. Individualized. Make you feel good. Put a smile on your face when you wake up, and make you feel special when you go to bed.

Hotel CUCU | Photo: Assaf Pinchuk

Sam & Blondi

The hotel resembles a story that is the content world the visitor’s entrance. The story revolves around the Tel Avivian vacation of a couple called “Sam and Blondi” and written primarily for the hotel by writer Udi Sharbani. Sam and Blondi can be anyone: spouse, dog and owner, alter ego, etc. It is our desire and vision to restore adoration, get out of the screens and return to the authenticity of yesteryear by reading a tangible book and the contents of the book itself.

The book combines recommendations for iconic places in Tel Aviv: the Carmel Market, the beaches and Neve Tzedek. The building, the book at the centre of the hotel, the room design, the hallway music, the hospitality and service are what makes Sam and Blondi a content world

In it, you feel the innocence, human warmth and the true joy of yesteryear.

Tel Aviv beach

Tel Aviv beach | Photo: Adam Jang

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