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Explore the remote corners of the globe in style with Aqua Expeditions, an esteemed leader in luxury small-ship adventures. Aboard a standard-setting luxury vessel with no more than 40 guests, you’ll discover the world’s most culturally significant and biodiverse destinations. In between visiting our planet’s true treasures, you’ll have access to incredible dining and entertainment options on your floating abode. On top of all that, Aqua Expeditions goes to great lengths to minimize its carbon footprint.

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Aboard a standard-setting luxury vessel with no more than 40 guests, you’ll discover the world’s most culturally significant and biodiverse destinations

The story and vision of Aqua Expeditions

Aqua Expeditions’ story began in 2007, when founder Francesco Galli Zugaro actualized his vision of creating intimate and unique small-ship expeditions to the world’s most breath-taking lesser-known treasures, based on the ethos of access being the new measure of luxury. The brand’s best-in-class vessels not only boast an array of entertainment and dining options and a maximum of 16 to 40 guests each, but also a 1:1 crew-to-guest ratio and a contemporary style that’s fit for royalty. Organizing your 5-star itinerary are world-renowned chefs, attentive waiting staff, and expert guides that take you to unspoiled sanctuaries filled with nature, wildlife, and culture.

Today, Aqua Expeditions sails to destinations including Ambon and the Spice Islands, the Mekong in Cambodia and Vietnam, the Amazon in Peru, the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador, and Raja Ampat in East Indonesia. Wherever Aqua Expeditions sails, it gives back to the local communities and minimizes human interaction with nature in protected sanctuaries, making it a fantastic luxury cruise line for eco-conscious travelers.

Photo: Aqua Expeditions

What you can expect from Aqua Expeditions

If your idea of a genuinely luxurious cruise focuses on personalized service, you can’t beat Aqua Expeditions with its 1:1 crew-to-guest ratio and curated experiences that navigate remote locations to the world’s most culturally and ecologically vibrant locales. Small as Aqua Expeditions’ ships may be – housing a maximum of 20 cabins so that all guests can enjoy ample personal space and safe distancing – they boast incredible facilities to make your trip as spectacular as possible. Think luxurious and contemporary aesthetics with immaculate attention to detail, gourmet cuisine prepared by world-class chefs, and glitzy private and entertainment spaces.

During your expedition, you’ll embark on guided excursions to unspoiled sanctuaries, where you’ll witness the beauty of nature and wildlife. And throughout your trip, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re traveling responsibly – Aqua protects the biodiversity and environments of the regions it visits through conservation programs, local community initiatives, ecotourism practices, and much more.

Photo: Aqua Expeditions

How Aqua Expeditions champions diversity, equality and inclusion

Aqua Expeditions’ commitment to providing world-class service to everybody, regardless of background or identity, is reflected in its unparalleled offerings. Not only does this travel brand treat everybody as unique individuals and provide at least one crew member per guest, but it also goes above and beyond to enhance the guest experience whenever opportunities arise. For example, the Aqua Expeditions team recently held an impromptu celebration to honor the honeymoon of an LGBT couple on the Aqua Mekong. The couple was treated to a private dinner with ambient lighting under the starlit sky, followed by a toast of sparkling wine and cake.

The fact that Aqua Expeditions always goes the extra mile hasn’t gone unnoticed. Last year, the brand was named the world’s best river cruise by Travel + Leisure. It also came third in Conde Nast Traveler’s 2023 Reader’s Choice Awards.

Aqua Expeditions is always looking for new ways to create unique experiences for its diverse guests. For example, in November 2025, Aqua will be – for a limited time – offering expeditions to West Papua and the Asmat region. This is an exclusive and rare opportunity to see one of East Indonesia’s most remote regions for yourself.

Inspiring journeys with Aqua Expeditions

One of the most popular journeys with Aqua is the expedition to the 18 UNESCO-listed Galapagos Islands. On the Galapagos Cruise, you’ll encounter rare wildlife, take in incredible volcanic landscapes, and experience unique land and marine systems that are influenced by the confluence of three ocean currents. While exploring the islands, you’ll discover mountainous terrains, lava fields, shield volcanoes, and arid zones covered with cacti, not to mention paradisiacal white-sand beaches lapped by turquoise waters. Natural views aside, you’ll also see amazing wildlife – 80 percent of the region’s birds and mammals, 90 percent of reptiles, and 20 percent of marine creatures are found nowhere else on the planet.

Need more inspiration? The Ambon & Spice Islands Cruise takes you across East Indonesia’s Banda Sea to destinations that include the port city of Ambon and the Malaku Islands. As you explore these historically significant destinations, you’ll learn about explorers, spices once worth more than gold, and endemic wildlife. You’ll also discover lava flows, coral gardens, beaches, and a wealth of biodiversity.

Last but certainly not least on our list of Aqua Expeditions’ most inspiring journeys is the cruise to Bali and the Komodo Islands, during which you’ll discover the beautiful Moyo Island of East Indonesia and the legendary Komodo National Park, which consists of three main islands — Komodo, Padar and Rinca — and 26 smaller islets. While navigating these islands, you’ll see prehistoric creatures that include the legendary Komodo Dragon, the world’s largest lizard. You’ll also soak up serene rice fields, pristine white beaches, picture-perfect savannahs, and more.

Photo: Aqua Expeditions

Photo: Aqua Expeditions

Even more reasons to set sail with Aqua Expeditions

When you book a luxury small-ship expedition with Aqua Expeditions through Mr Hudson, you can expect an unforgettable break of personalized luxury as well as exclusive perks that include free credit to spend on board your vessel. You might as well treat yourself to the finer things in life during your well-deserved getaway.

Let us book your Aqua Expeditions cruise

Here at Mr Hudson, we connect LGBTQ+ travelers to the most incredible luxury travel brands in the world. That’s why we’re proud to have a partner in Aqua Expeditions, a recognized global leader in luxury small-ship expeditions that actively champions inclusion, diversity, and equality.

Do you want to ensure your expedition exceeds your expectations? As well as organizing your luxury cruise and giving you the perks mentioned above, we’ll help plan the fine details of your trip in line with your unique needs, preferences, and desires. Book with us today to learn more about the endless possibilities.

Photo: Aqua Expeditions

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During your expedition, you’ll embark on guided excursions to unspoiled sanctuaries, where you’ll witness the beauty of nature and wildlife

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