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You earned your vacation. Take the stress and uncertainty out of planning it by letting Mr Hudson make a trip guide just for you, providing expertise and up-to-date travel intel from around the world.

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The Smart Way to Holiday

Your Own Custom Trip Itinerary - Here's How It Works


Tell us where you want to go and share your ideal vacation style, personal needs, budget and desires.


Get paired 1-on-1 with an expert trip designer who gathers all the latest intel on your destination, and witness your dream vacation come to life.


Receive your tailored daily trip plan with lodging, dining and nightlife picks, along with a whole array of destination-specific attractions.

Trip Design by Mr Hudson

For only $49 per day of curation you get:

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Trip Design Testimonials Background

What Our Travellers Say About Trip Design

Jeff’s Argentina & Uruguay vacation

Walking tours and learning something new

"This is our first time using your Trip Design service and we absolutely loved it! You knew exactly what we wanted, giving us the perfect itinerary to follow on our travels. Organised and flexible, giving options but not so many as to feel overwhelmed. We will definitely use your service again for our next trip!"

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Chuck’s city break to London

First time in London, but please avoid the crowds

"The trip plan you developed for us looks amazing - it is visually stunning, has the information all in one spot, and offers a variety of potential experiences. You showed us some sites we don't know about. Our trip plan makes me look forward to our London visit."

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Doug’s journey to Chile & Mendoza

Local culture, food, wine, and more wine

"Clean, clear, concise and well-rounded, the travel insider intel offered by Mr Hudson is just what I need to save myself from hours of research that I don’t have time to do. Everything is here at my fingertips. I love the little insider tips, inclusion of gay-owned and operated venues and tours, and all the local restaurant recommendations."

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Judd’s Morocco adventure

Imperial Cities and a stay in the desert

"SO thorough. Lots of great options for food and hotels. You can pick and choose your items; a trip on your own would be easy with this plan. Tailored but thorough, Trip Design is a great way to find the best places for you to visit, stay, dine at, and explore."

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Trip Design?

Trip Design is the custom trip planning service you deserve, brought to you by Mr Hudson. Save weeks of research and planning by letting one of Mr Hudson’s expert curators design the perfect trip for you, based on your personal preferences and putting our extensive destination knowledge into play.

How does Trip Design work?

Our process is simple; you answer a few questions about how you like to travel with our short online form and we then partner you up with one of our expert trip designers – the same team that brings you our Travel Guides and Stories. They work their magic, and within 5 to 10 business days, you’ll receive your tailored trip plan, overflowing with personalised recommendations on where to stay, what to see and do, where to eat, where to go out, and much more, with direct links for speedy booking. Your trip plan is available in your client account, displayed beautifully on both desktop and mobile devices, and includes a map for easy navigation. It’s like having your own fully customised travel guide at your fingertips.

How much does Trip Design cost?

We charge a flat rate of $49 per day of travel that you ask us to curate, and you can have us design part of your vacation or your entire trip. 

Do I pay upfront?

Yes, we do ask you to pay for our service upfront. However, 1 round of revisions is included in our rate.

Is your selection limited by providers?

Travel agents are paid on commission by the travel providers they book you in with, so it’s in their interest to present options that maximise the amount of kickbacks they receive. Unlike them, we are 100% independent in our recommendations and are only invested in selecting places and experiences that are right for you. We don’t care what or where you end up booking because you pay us to do the research and provide tailored advice – we think that’s transparent and fair.

What is included in a trip plan?

Your trip plan is 100% tailored to your requirements, and for each destination includes:

1 – A choice of 3 fabulous accommodation options – these will be hotels or Airbnb lodgings depending on your preference.

2 – Nightlife suggestions, such as (gay) bars, clubs, parties, cocktail bars or wine bars.

3 – Recommendations for each day of travel, including 3 restaurants and 3 experiences (major attractions, art, culture, tours, classes, fitness activities, etcetera).

When can I expect my trip plan?

You will receive your trip plan within 5 business days if its start date is within 2 weeks of submitting your order and your plan is for 10 days or less. In all other cases, you will receive your trip plan within 10 business days.

What about the impact of COVID-19 on travel?

Your personal trip designer will go the extra mile to help you make smart decisions on where to go, what to prepare for and what to avoid. They will verify the open or closed status and sanitary measures of lodging providers and venues before curating your tailored trip itinerary. Also, we’ll keep you up to date on COVID-19 virus-related travel policies, from health certificate requirements to airport testing.

Is Trip Design only for gay men?

Not at all! Around a third of clients are female! We started Mr Hudson as a gay travel blog in 2016 and continue to create content with gay men in mind because it’s a community we’re intimately familiar with. That said, many other people enjoy our content, and we’re proud to have built a diverse community. Our Trip Design team is comprised of women and men who are widely travelled, well-versed in trip curation, and have a deep understanding of what makes people tick, ensuring that we offer the best possible advice to each of our clients. Our Trip Design service is for anyone who travels in style and looks to throw off the burden by pre-trip anxiety and those tedious days and weeks of destination research.

Is every trip plan really personalised?

Totally! Each itinerary is one-of-a-kind and takes into account your personal tastes and unique requirements. We consider who you’re travelling with, what you would like to see and do, your food preferences, and more to build your perfect trip.

Why should I trust your recommendations?

Because we give you a unique combination of local knowledge and recommendations from over 50 online sources, and do so with your particular needs in mind. Like anyone, we obsess over the latest online reviews and travel commentary. Offline, Mr Hudson has connections with folks on the ground who regularly visit many of the places we highlight and help us keep up-to-date on the best things a destination has to offer. We are uncompromising in our selection criteria for venues and experiences, and our trip designers have been trained to curate based on your individual preferences and tastes rather than their own.

Who will design my trip?

Your itinerary will be modelled by the safe hands of one of our experienced trip designers – the very same team that brings you our Travel Guides and Stories.

What destinations do you cover?

If you read through all the places that Mr Hudson has published about, we’d like to think we cover the whole globe! We’re here to help build any trip you fancy, from city breaks to country itineraries and beach holidays. Our trip designers have a wide range of expertise. And if we don’t have the answer ourselves, we’re likely to know exactly who to call.

How prescriptive will my trip plan be?

Nobody likes to be told what to do, particularly on holiday. So please consider your trip plan a tightly edited menu of options allowing you the freedom to mix and match. Our recommendations are limited enough not to overwhelm while also being generous enough to leave room for personal choice and the odd spontaneous flight of fancy.

I have existing travel plans. Can my trip designer work those into the itinerary?

Absolutely. Just let your trip designer know of any existing plans in your trip request form or via email or chat after connecting with us. We’ll work to bundle your existing plans with our tailor-made itinerary.

I love planning trips myself. Why should I pay you to do it for me?

While most people enjoy the inspirational part of travel, doing destination research and planning trip logistics can be a real headache. Poor planning (or no planning) can also make the day-to-day on the ground feel more like work than like vacation. By trusting our expert curators to design the perfect trip for you, based on your own personal preferences and using our extensive destination knowledge, you’ll be spared a ton of time and unnecessary stress. We incorporate all your ideas and dreams into a plan that optimises your time and minimises your hassle.

Do you make any bookings?

With the huge scope of online providers and booking platforms available to the modern traveller, making reservations is no longer the most painstaking part of planning a trip. It’s the destination research and selection process of worthwhile places and experiences that’s most anxiety-inducing and time-consuming. We focus our efforts on the latter, allowing you to make your final booking with the provider or platform of your choosing. Where possible, however, to bring you the ultimate level of ease, we’ll always include booking links in your trip plan.