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Embrace pioneering adventures to the least explored areas of our planet with Aurora Expeditions, which specializes in small-ship expeditions to incredible places like the Arctic and Antarctica. Founded by legendary explorer Greg Mortimer – one of the first two Australians to climb to the summit of Everest – Aurora boasts a highly specialized Expedition Team and a fleet of new, purpose-built small expedition ships that carry a maximum of 132 expeditioners. Explore with Aurora, and you’ll not only embark on the trip of a lifetime, but you’ll also deepen your knowledge and understanding of our planet.

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Aurora Expeditions is the ultimate cruise line for extreme adventurers – you’ll do much more than simply take in the views of Earth’s least-explored treasures

The Greg Mortimer, Antarctica | Photo: Tyson Mayr

The extraordinary story of Aurora Expeditions

The story of Aurora Expeditions began over 33 years ago, when it was founded by Greg and Margaret Mortimer based on the guiding principles of endless exploration and adventure. On top of facilitating perspective-altering expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctica, Aurora puts sustainability at the forefront of its priorities; Recently certified as a B Corp. Moreover, Aurora’s Expedition Team runs enrichment and education programs to help guests just like you become lifelong ambassadors for the planet.

What you can expect from Aurora Expeditions

Aurora Expeditions is the ultimate cruise line for extreme adventurers – and not just because it offers trips to exciting destinations like the Arctic and Antarctica. Travel with Aurora, and you’ll do much more than simply take in the views of Earth’s least-explored treasures.

With a mission to pique your enthusiasm for understanding and cherishing our planet, Aurora only hires expert guides, many of whom are recognized as leaders in their fields. While you’ll certainly expand your knowledge on a trip with Aurora, you’ll also embark on thrill-seeking excursions, meet like-minded adventurers, and have plenty of time to kick back on the ship.

Aurora’s voyages  are limited to 132 passengers, and there’s approximately one expedition team member for every seven guests, creating a more intimate environment and more opportunities to get off ship and explore, whether it’s Zodiac cruises, shore landings, hiking, or one of Aurora’s optional add-on activities such as snorkeling, diving, kayaking and more. You can rest assured Aurora’s Expedition Team will plan an experienced-filled trip. And if on the journey you encounter the likes of mesmerizing icebergs, whales, and wildlife shows, the team will adapt your itinerary so that you can make the most of every second.

On top of unique, thrill-filled adventures, Aurora offers you plenty of opportunities to relax and mingle with fellow expeditioners. In the evenings and between excursions, you can share tales of travel experiences at the bar, enjoy a delicious meal at one of the ship’s restaurants, spot penguins or polar bears from the bridge (at the Captain’s discretion), and much more.

Photo: David Stock @ Divergent Travelers

Snorkelling, Antarctica | Photo: Marcus Westberg

How Aurora Expeditions promotes diversity, equality and inclusion

Aurora Expeditions celebrates diversity and inclusivity just as much as it does dynamic adventures and sustainability. The LGBTQ community is welcome on any Aurora ship or expedition, and tours can also be organized just for your group. In 2025, Aurora Expeditions is giving you the chance to join its first ever Pride Tour aboard the Antarctic Explorer Express – get in touch with us if you want to book the trip of a lifetime and plant a rainbow flag in a virtually untouched area of Earth. Our trip curators will ensure your expedition ticks all your boxes.

Aurora Expeditions’ most inspiring journeys

Aurora Expeditions specializes in crafting journeys to some of the most remote and beautiful destinations in the world, and its team of expert adventurers are always creating new itineraries that guarantee to leave a lasting impression on guests.

Among Aurora’s most popular expeditions are the shorter getaways aboard the Greg Mortimer to the Antarctic Peninsula, which give you the chance to observe wildlife on ice-covered plains. During Zodiac cruise excursions, you’ll have the opportunity to witness seals, whales, and Weddell and crabeater seals in quiet coves and around enormous glaciers and icebergs.

More interested in the North Pole? You’ll enjoy a voyage to the Jewels of the Arctic, during which you’ll explore Greenland and Svalbard, remote Inuit settlements, fjords, and towering cliffs. You’ll also see unique sights such as colorful flowers and wild berries growing in the tundra. Keep your eyes peeled for arctic foxes, reindeer, and ringed seals.

Another of our favorite voyages with Aurora is the expedition along Canada’s Northwest Passage. As you sail from Toronto to Calgary, you’ll bear witness to epic landscapes while following in the footsteps of explorers like Larsen, Amundsen, and Franklin.

Gentoo Penguin, Neko Harbour, Antarctica | Photo: Tyson Mayr

Even more reasons to set sail with Aurora Expeditions

If traveling to the far flung reaches of the globe doesn’t entice you to book an adventure with Aurora Expeditions, the fact that you’ll receive credit to spend onboard your cruise during the trip might just tip you over the edge. As you sail to the tundra landscapes of the Arctic or Antarctica, you’ll be able to enjoy drinks, food, and a range of activities without having to spend all your hard-earned savings. Extreme adventures don’t get much better than this.

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At Mr Hudson, our mission is to connect LGBQT adventurers with the world’s best luxury travel experiences, which is why we’re proud to have a partner in Aurora Expeditions that not only organizes spectacular adventures but also prioritizes inclusivity, diversity, and sustainability. Want to ensure that your expedition with Aurora exceeds your expectations? Let us do the hard work of personalizing an itinerary for you.

Our specialist travel curators will take the time to understand your needs, desires, and travel preferences to tailor a trip with Aurora Expeditions that will transform your vision into an unforgettable experience. Book with us today to learn more about the endless possibilities.

Lemaire Channel, Antarctica | Photo: Lina Stock @ Divergent Travelers

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Aurora Expeditions specializes in crafting journeys to some of the most remote and beautiful destinations in the world

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