Casa Legado Bogotá

Casa Legado - a home away from home in Bogotá

This home hotel located in Quinta Camacho, one of Bogotá’s premium neighbourhoods, is surrounded by some of the best restaurants, cafes, galleries and shops in town. Inspired by the owners’ family, Casa Legado has a 50’s style, all rooms with a different and unique style and living areas that will make you feel right at home. You will find yourself surrounded by their history, memories and a hint of tradition. Mr Hudson talks to Helena Dávila, owner of Casa Legado, about the history of the hotel, the guest experience, and some of her favourite places in Bogotá.

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Tell us a about the history of your family hotel

Our two houses, like family, come together as one, bringing the magic and charm of each generation and every member as a tribute to love, honouring tradition and uniqueness in the warm embrace of legacy.

The Sobrinos House

Out of Helen´s unconditional love as an aunt, blooms this space to keep family together, to have and to hold the roots for a long-lasting legacy. This two-story house has a beautiful 50’s style, which honours its history. With seven rooms, a family-style dining room, a kitchen to feed your soul, an interior garden, an ivy draped courtyard filled with light, nature, and radiance, a homey living room, complete with Lina`s signature fireplace and selected library.

The Hermanos House

Being brought up as a close family that bickers, shares and laughs together, this new adjoined house is inspired by Helen´s siblings. Beautiful iron wrought arches welcome you into this late 30´s style home, with six rooms, an interior garden with a glass gazebo, a living room with a cosy fireplace, complete, with Pollo´s front porch, perfect for a friendly gathering and a nightcap, a dining room table; Davila´s trademark, a kitchen that you can make your own and a hidden wellness studio for your own private self-pampering.

Casa Legado - HERO - The Lucho 5

The Lucho

“Each room in the house was designed and named after one of Helena´s family members”

What are the main values of your establishment? 

Casa Legado focuses on making everyone that crosses our path feel like a family, creating spaces that genuinely welcome with their story and love. It is all about family for us not only sharing our family history and legacy but also making our guests part of it too.

What makes your property special?

Each room in the house was designed and named after one of Helena´s family members; she started with her nieces and nephews and then with her siblings, 13 rooms in total. Each room is entirely different and tells a different story. And the whole house and living areas tell the stories of her parents and grandparents. Every space tells a story while making you part of it.

What does "Casa Legado" stand for?

Casa Legado means “House of Legacy”, it´s a place that builds its story from those who’s love has been inspiring.

How do you keep up with changing customer expectations?

We have created a place that is timeless no matter the trend, love and taking care of people impeccably and generously that can never go out of style. Here, people come in as strangers and, no matter the situation, they always leave as friends.

Casa Legado Bogotá

Tell us about yourself

My name is Helena. I am a designer by trade and have always loved taking care of others. My family has always been my biggest inspiration. Being able to share that with others has opened my life to a bigger and better family. My love for detail, art and design have always given me a reason to create beautiful spaces. My life has always been about finding treasures that can come together in each area and make you feel good and warm. There is great joy in creating a home so cosy that nobody wants to leave.

Helena Dávila & Luis Alejandro Restrepo

What are some of your favourite places in Bogotá that people need to know about?

If you are looking for a great meal Prudencia, and walking around Candelaria is a must. Visiting the Botero museum could be my favourite. Andres Carne de Res is always the place for a great drink, to have a dance and see Bogotá´s nightlife.

What makes Bogotá such a great destination?

Nowadays Bogotá has everything, a great gastronomical, everchanging scene and art, from urban graffiti to beautiful museums. The brick constructions and the trees are an impressive architectural blend. Bogotanos as much as all Colombians are very nice people that know how to have fun so don’t miss out some dancing.

Bogotá | Photo: Jorge Gardner


Bogotá | Photo: Ivan Ramirez

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