Why you should consider a gay cruise, even if you think it's not for you

If you’ve never been on a gay cruise, it’s exactly what you think it is and nothing like you think it is. Even if you think your mind is made up and you’re completely against the idea of a gay cruise, start by asking this one question: is there really nothing appealing about being out at sea under the glorious sun in a gorgeous setting with thousands of other like-minded men? Imagine a temporary floating nirvana where no one, not one person, will look askance at you, sit in judgment of you, raise even one eyebrow at you. Trust us, once you’ve tasted this most ultimate of freedoms, you’ll realise why people go on gay cruises. Now, if you’re still reading, you’ve got to be at least a little bit curious. So, let’s examine some reasons why you think you wouldn’t have fun on a gay cruise and then let’s examine why you might be wrong.

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I’m in a relationship

Little known fact: gay cruises are not just for hooking up. In fact, many people who set sail on gay cruises are couples. You can stick with your beloved or you can make friends with other couples at some of the many events geared just for those who are paired off.


Photo: Nick Karvounis

I’m too old

While it’s hard to tell from the marketing materials where everyone seems to be a fresh-faced Millennial, the bulk of guys onboard range from their early 30s to early 50s with plenty of Baby Boomers along for the ride as well.

I’m not a party animal

Yes, there will be glistening bodies, thumping dance parties and all around bacchanalia. But guess what? You don’t have to attend (even though you should go to at least one of their themed outdoor parties just to observe the revelry. Guaranteed you will have more fun than you think you will.) If not, it’s a big ship. You can choose to enjoy a quiet dinner or find an out of the way deck to marvel at the constellations and feel the ocean air caress your skin. Also, you have a beautiful room; you can always pack it in early and wake up be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed to get the best spot near the pool in the morning.


Photo: Simon Wijers


Photo: Vishnu R Nair

I have no one to go with

Many people who cruise are singles. So, you are very much not alone if you’re travelling on your own. Probably the most special thing about a gay cruise is the instant connection you will feel with those around you and how open everyone is to make those connections. Unlike mainstream cruises where everyone seems to be travelling in a family or a couple, solo cruisers are super common on gay cruises. Some have even come up with a genius room share programme where they pick a roomie for you free of charge based on your preferences so you get to split the costs of a room.

Alone in the mountains

Photo: Simon Migaj

I don’t have a 6-pack

Did you ever have one? And is that even a reason not to go out and get your gay cruise on? Yes, those perfect Adonis guys are all over the gay cruise web sites just like they’re all over the Calvin Klein ads. Sex sells. But most people aboard are normal humans who feel perfectly free to walk around sans shirt sans judgment even if they have a pooch.

12 pack

Photo: Victor Freitas

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I’m broke

There are no hidden costs on a cruise. Virtually everything is included. So unlike a landlubber vacation, you know exactly what you are going to spend and not go over. All the accommodations, meals, entertainment, parties, activities, tips, are all in the cost of the fare. (Not included are optional excursions, speciality restaurants, bar charges, and the spa.)

I like luxury when I travel

Most top cruising companies only charter the newest and grandest ships from the best cruise lines. Not only that, onboard entertainment tends to be top-notch with A-list gaylebrity performers starring in nightly shows, which feature comics, cabarets, drag queens, celeb DJs and live music.

Luxury sailing

Photo: Alex Block

I’m an independent traveller

Travelling in groups and fixed schedules not your thing? Not a problem. If everyone’s zigging, you can zag. You can learn a sport, take a class, be spontaneous or do absolutely nothing. You’re the boss of you even if you’re around a lot of other (gay) people.


Photo: Christoffer Engstrom

I only like bears, twinks, foxes, otters, kinksters, etc.

Guess what? There are thousands of gay men on board. If your tastes are specific and you know what you like, you are going to find it out at sea. Promise.

I don’t have a passport

Really? Well, what are you waiting for? Just do it.

I have nothing to wear

Liar, yes you do. Even if you don’t, there is no dress code and everyone is super casual.


Photo: Evan Krause

I’ve been there, done that

No, you haven’t. You’ve never been on a gay cruise. This is perhaps the only experience on the planet where you can experience the total freedom of being yourself and being amongst others enjoying that very same freedom. Yes, we live in a world where being gay is becoming more and more accepted, but we all know we still have a long way to go. On a gay cruise, you can be wild or chill, dress to the nines or stay in your flip-flops, be athletic or be a slug, be a good boy or be a naughty boy. Whatever you do, try something you’ve never done. And if you’ve never done a gay cruise, it’s time.


Photo: Mohamed Nohassi

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