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Places to explore

Siracusa and south-east Sicily

Evoking imagery of leather-faced fishermen, sun-baked coastlines, vineyards and prickly pears, Sicily has always been a place that captures the imagination.

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Ionian Islands

The Ionian Islands, like a string of emerald jewels scattered along the west coast of Greece are a lush and verdant chain of islands, dense and overgrown with olive, cypress, fig and pomegranate.

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Northern Italian Lakes

Set against the snow-capped peaks of the Alps and steep mountain cliffs, the Italian Lakes have always been the playground of the rich and famous, and their crystal waters, quaint towns and breath-taking vistas continue to capture our imaginations.

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San Sebastian

San Sebastian has long been on the list of gastronomic greatness, and it´s not for nothing that some of the worlds best restaurants are to be found here.

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The modern bridges and glass-clad skyscrapers, the manicured green spaces along the winding river, and the narrow medieval streets of the old town somehow manage to blend effortlessly together and define the many personalities of Bilbao.

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Dubrovnik makes for a breath-taking first impression and it´s not for nothing that it is considered to be one of the world’s most beautiful walled cities.

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In 2015 the Spanish city of Cáceres was named the Spanish Capital of Gastronomy and was suddenly thrust into the international limelight as foodies the world over took notice.

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Cape Town

There aren´t many cities in the world where you will encounter a human traffic jam on a hiking trail at dawn, but Cape Town is one of them.

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Iceland is a wild, beautiful place of unpronounceable words, breath-taking landscapes and lots of horses. It is very much a land of extremes; fire and ice, black and white, ancient and modern.

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Often overlooked in favour of Lisbon and the beaches of the Algarve, Porto had lots to see and do and a personality all of her own.

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Mr Hudson on

Mr Hudson on the best artisan coffee shops in Cape Town

For gentlemen who value freshly roasted beans or a truly good espresso, this is our pick of the best artisan coffee shops in Cape Town.

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Mr Hudson on the Hermanus wine route in South Africa

A seaside town famous for the annual appearance of Southern Right whales in the bay, Hermanus is the beloved weekend getaway for the well-heeled Cape Town crowd.

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Mr Hudson on the best beaches in Croatia

If you could capture the essence of Croatia and put it in a bottle, it would smell like pine forest and fig trees, taste like olive oil and wild flower honey and be as blue as the sky and iridescent as the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic.

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Mr Hudson on the beautiful border towns of the Alentejo region in Portugal

For those of you with a love of vast landscapes, amazing vistas and medieval architecture, there is a series of small villages along the Spanish-Portuguese border that are well worth exploring.

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Mr Hudson on discovering Spice Route flavours in Lisbon

Portugal has a rich seafaring heritage and Lisbon, the city that launched countless ships throughout the Age of Exploration, has a culinary legacy influenced by these travels.

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