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So you’re a gay man looking for a beautiful place to travel. Or maybe you just liked the look of our website. We don’t mind either way, hello and welcome.

About Mr Hudson

Mr Hudson is all about destinations for gays, but not necessarily gay destinations, if you catch our drift. When it comes to finding places to go and stay, we’re looking for something a little different and special, beyond gay bars and clubs.

Here you’ll find beautiful destinations and the most tasteful hotels, where a warm welcome can be expected.

Many of us travel as couples, plenty of others travel solo. But seeking out gorgeous destinations, and places for resting our head in style, is what we all have in common.

The big question is, where do you want to go?

Bas Ellen

Q&A with founders Bastiaan and David

What inspired you to set up Mr Hudson?

It began with our own experience as gay men trying to find exciting places to travel and beautiful places to stay. When we travel, we want to stay somewhere truly different and special, and ensure every part of our trip is an incredible experience. Research requires visiting a lot of different websites. Most gay travel sites are focused on the local gay scene. And generic hotel booking sites don’t necessarily understand our requirements, or share our sense of style. So we decided to bring these things together in one place.

What makes you different from all the other gay travel sites?

It’s pretty simple – we don’t assume that all gay men want a gay holiday. Of course there’s nothing wrong with partying and enjoying the local scene, but there are plenty of gay men who want to experience the very best a destination has to offer, rather than just the bits reserved for the gay community. There are so many wonderful places on the planet where everybody is invited, so we want to make sure people know about them.

Who is Mr Hudson, by the way?

Henry Hudson was a 17th-century English explorer who made several attempts to find a passage through the Americas to China and India. Whilst he didn’t find one (although to be fair to Henry, there wasn’t one to be found), he did return many times to explore the area, discovering the natural harbour that became New York City. His findings encouraged some of the first settlers to head for the New World, and Hudson Bay in Canada and the Hudson River in New York are both named after him.

What we love about Henry Hudson is that he was a gentleman driven by a passion for adventure and discovery, who inspired thousands of people to follow in his footsteps. We couldn’t think of any better inspiration for our brand.

We’re always looking for brilliant writers and photographers, and well-travelled people to share their wit and wisdom about the places they love. If you’re interested in being part of the Mr Hudson team, drop us a line and tell us about your travels.


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