The 10 most beautiful beaches in Grenada

The southernmost island in the Antilles archipelago flanked by both Caribbean and Atlantic seas, Grenada contends that her beaches are some of the world’s best. And who are we to argue with the people of Grenada? This West Indies beauty really does have it all; soft white sand shaded by palm, a range of paradise islets and all the chill beach bars we could ever hope for. Unlike on many Caribbean islands, zero of the beaches in Grenada are privatised, meaning all 45 stretches of sand are open for public use, primed for adventure as well as escape depending on your mood. Read on for 10 of our favourite Grenada beaches, ranging from tourist hubs close to bustling bars to deserted shores bedecked only by sea turtles.

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Morne Rouge, Grenada | Photo: Hugh Whyte

1. Magazine Beach, St. George’s

As well as being a dreamy spot for flicking through GQ, Magazine Beach on the southwest coast (near the capital of St. George’s) is the place to socialise in the Grenadian sun. Snorkelling and kayaking, too, are popular activities thanks to clear waters and water sports facilities close by. If the waves are a bit rough, enjoy the breezy atmosphere at neighbouring Aquarium Restaurant and Maca Bana Resort where live reggae sets the tone for daytime partying. Join the festivities at their most lively on a Sunday afternoon when the barbequing starts in earnest and there’s enough fresh lobster and meats for all. Conveniently, St. George’s is also the top place for affordable hotel accommodations on the island with a range of Airbnb Grenada apartments also available near the water.

2. Grand Anse Beach, St. George’s

Vying for the title of Grenada’s most popular beach, Grand Anse brings its A-game with access to water sports and no end of leading hotels and restaurants in St. George’s. At three kilometres in length, the crescent Grand Anse Beach is Grenada’s longest and has plenty of room for travellers and local university students to manoeuvre, as well as shady lounging beneath rows of well-placed almond trees. Join the young ones under the umbrellas looking over Fort George, later walking along the Carenage harbour promenade in search of beautiful yachts. Beyond that, you can also try your hand at scuba diving, snorkelling or kayaking, resting up at a beach bar to sample rum cocktails all afternoon.

Photo: Hugh Whyte

Photo: Strvnge Films

Mr. Hudson highlight image

Morne Rouge is definitely a top place to chill out, relaxing over a drink and a good book before paddling in the shallows to cool off

3. Morne Rouge Beach, St. George’s

Just 360 metres in length, Morne Rouge Beach compensates for its size in other numerous ways, undeterred by its sizable neighbours, St. George’s Magazine Beach and Grand Anse. Morne Rouge Beach is more of a local spot, cut from the same rock as its more popular rivals but all the more tranquil. The beach is known under the moniker of BBC Beach and is walkable from Grand Anse offering three small bar-style restaurants adjacent and lounge chairs for rent. Morne Rouge is definitely a top place to chill out, relaxing over a drink and a good book before paddling in the shallows to cool off.

Morne Rouge | Photo: Hugh Whyte

4. Paradise Beach, Carriacou

Located on Grenada’s sister island of Carriacou, Paradise Beach is already in a league of its own. In fact, the entire island is a spectacle, largely uninhabited and carpeted in the smoothest white sand imaginable, contrasted by lush greenery and deep turquoise shallows. Travellers can find a boat operator to sail them out to Carriacou from any of the mainland Grenada beaches, arriving on Tyrell Bay or Hillsborough Jetty to appreciate the coral reefs and views of even smaller islets surrounding. Don’t come expecting solitude as Paradise Beach is actually one of the island’s most popular, complete with its own Caribbean beach bar and Grenada dive shops. For quieter bathing opportunities, head to the northwest side of Carriacou to Anse La Roche Beach, a slightly more hard-to-reach paradise spot (requiring a 15-minute downhill hike) and rewarding visitors with unbeatable views of St. Vincent’s Union Island.

5. Petite Martinique

A prime piece of Grenada real estate not yet overly developed is the small satellite island of Petite Martinique, tiny enough for you to visit all its beaches in a day. Ferries run on the regular from both Grenada and Carriacou, usually arriving on the west coast’s snorkelling central of Mang Beach. Asides from healthy reefs brimming with tropical fish, the views of Carriacou are pretty stunning too. Another favourite beach on Petite Martinique is Sanchez Beach offering facilities and authentic Grenadian food at the beach bars and restaurants nearby, such as Gary’s and Palm Beach.

Photo: Hugh Whyte

6. La Sagesse Beach, St. David's

La Sagesse Beach can be found upon a secluded bay in Southeast Grenada, within the St. David’s Parish area. The beach here boasts calm Atlantic waters, sheltered by the tight curve of the bay and a backing track of tree frogs, crickets and exotic birds that play in the tropical vegetation behind. While there isn’t an extensive range of Grenada resorts here, the beach does offer one all-rounder; La Sagesse Nature Resort, a charming boutique with its own beach restaurant and bar which serves locally caught, Creole-spiced seafood from Grenada.

7. Petit Bacolet Bay, St. David’s

One bay over from La Sagesse, Petit Bacolet is a less developed alternative for beachgoers in St. David’s. At Petit Bacolet Bay, you may have to bring your own provisions and make do with a towel instead of a sun lounger, but it’ll be worth it to see wild Grenada without the crowds. Reaching Petit Bacolet requires a bit of a drive, arriving at Laura’s Restaurant at Grenada Marine for a trailhead towards the next beach over. The black sand and dark water here do add a little to the sun’s intensity, but luckily the waters are safe and great snorkelling is a given. After sunning it up on the sand, head to the northern end of the beach to spot ruins built into the cliff.

Grenada | Photo: Hugh Whyte

Photo: Rafael Silva

8. Bathway Beach, Sauteurs

Over in St. Patrick Parish to the north of Grenada, Bathway Beach rolls out its white sand along the bay from Sauteurs to Petite Anse. The Atlantic waters here are sheltered enough for safe swimming much of the year (with lifeguards working during the day) and snorkelling also has high potential. Wherever you lay your towel, you’ll be able to spot the white sands of Carriacou out to sea, opting to lie either under the south palms in convenient reach of Sauteurs town or towards the northwest for desert island vibes. Whichever it is, Sauteurs is the place to go for the best beach food Grenada can offer, across its many beach bars and seafood restaurants.

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From April to August the number one visitor to Levera Beach is the leatherback sea turtle, drawn to the deserted golden sands to nest

9. Levera Beach, Sauteurs

A special addition for wildlife lovers is Sauteurs’ Levera Beach, one of north Grenada’s wildest. A part of the 450-acre Levera National Park, the beach is well protected and bursting with wildlife, shelled and otherwise. From April to August the number one visitor to Levera Beach is the leatherback sea turtle, drawn to the deserted golden sands to nest. Join a turtle tour or go solo, upgrading to a four-wheel drive to make access (along a rough road) more manageable.

Only strong swimmers should attempt the swim to Sugar Loaf Island from Levera Beach, as strong currents and undertow affect the area; evident when looking at the rugged cliffs onshore. There’s plenty to do instead of swimming, however, such as exploring the mangroves and Levera Pond to spot various bird species, or simply enjoying dramatic cliff views over Carriacou Island.

Carriacou | Photo: Hugh Whyte

10. Duquesne Bay, St. Patrick

A final contender for the title of Grenada’s best beach is Duquesne Bay, found on the northwestern tip and kept cool by coconut palms and tropical vegetation lining its edges. Though small and remote between two small headlands, Duquesne Bay gets a name thanks to its collection of Amerindian petroglyphs, carved onto the cliffs here long, long ago. But you don’t have to be a historian to appreciate the beauty of Duquesne, as the dark sands are still dazzling, with inviting waters for swimming and snorkelling, to be joined on occasion by colourful fishing boats bobbing offshore.

While English is Grenada’s official language and is widely spoken across Grenada, the main spoken languages of Grenada are Grenadian Creole English and, less frequently, Grenadian Creole French (patois), a vibrant mix that reflects both African and European heritage.

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